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Where to Try Out Strollers

There are umpteen stroller options available to buy so where do you even start? The best way to make sure you’re choosing the best one is to go out and test different strollers in person before buying. If you’re wondering where to try out strollers, I’ve listed all the best places, from large department stores to smaller baby shops. 

The nice thing about testing them from stores that sell strollers near you is that you can take your time looking at different options yet go home to find the best price online. 

Since you’ve already tried the stroller, you can feel confident buying it online since you already know the details of what you’re purchasing.

You may want to think about the pros and cons of strollers and consider what kind would suit your lifestyle before you go browsing. 

Whether you visit a department store to test strollers or a smaller shop to see the stroller options in person, hopefully, you’ll have luck finding the best one for your family.

Where to Try Out Strollers In Person

People who want to try out strollers in person can visit department stores, smaller shops, baby boutiques and even second-hand stores that sell strollers. Talking to friends and other caregivers who have strollers will also allow you to get a first-hand understanding of the options available.

The front entrance of the baby store buybuy BABY

If none of those are an option or the ones near you don’t have them displayed where you can get access, you may want to consider renting a stroller or even buying a stroller with a good return policy so that you can test it out at home.

Keep reading so that you don’t miss which are the best stores to test out strollers!

Go to a Large Department Store to Test Strollers

One of the best places to test out different stroller models is at a large department store that’s near you. Department stores often carry a wide variety of stroller types so that you can see the specifications and features of each. 

Since department stores have a large space, you can often walk the stroller around a few aisles to really get a feel for the manoeuvrability, weight, and quality. 

The only downside to checking out strollers at department stores is that occasionally the strollers will be chained or locked so that no one can steal them right off the floor.

In this case, you’ll have to go find someone who works there to help you access it so that you can give it a test push.

If there’s no one available, at the very least you can touch the stroller and view the features in person. This may be a better option than directly buying a stroller online without even seeing the product.

Here are some good department stores to try out strollers:

Toys R Us/Babies R Us
Target (US)
Sears (US)
Nordstrom (US)
Macy’s (US)
The Bay (Canada)
Canadian Tire (Canada)

Test Strollers at Smaller Baby Shops That Have Floor Models Available

Baby boutiques or smaller baby shops are also great places to try out stroller options. Often times you’ll find knowledgeable staff members at these stores who are happy to show you the functionality of each stroller.

You may not have as much floor space to really walk the stroller around but a couple of paces should give you an idea of how it steers and moves. 

Ask the experts all of the questions you have.

As sales representatives of several brands, they should know a bit about how each stroller compares with others.

If they offer good customer service, they can even help show you how to collapse the stroller or use specific features!

Smaller shops are harder to provide examples for every reader’s geographic location but try going to local stores that sell strollers near you.

Here are several popular shops where you can buy strollers in person (and test them out):

Buybuy BABY
Bed Bath & Beyond
Pottery Barn Kids (US)
West Coast Kids (Canada)
Snuggle Bugz (Canada)
Indigo (Canada)

Choose a Stroller From a Store With a Good Return Policy 

This wouldn’t be the best way to try out multiple strollers, but if you have one specifically in mind but you’re just not sure, you could check if the store has a good return policy. That way, you can test it out at home (indoors is best to keep the wheels clean) and return within the permitted time frame if you’re not happy with that model. 

Target, for example, says they’ll provide a full refund for items returned within 90 days.

Buybuy BABY’s store return policy offers the same 90 days. Pottery Barn Kids on the other hand only allows 30 days.

Sale or clearance items may not be eligible for these store return policies so it’s always good to check before you make the purchase.

Try Stroller Styles at Second-hand Baby Stores

Many second-hand stores, specifically kids’ consignment shops, carry baby strollers that you could see in person. This option requires a little more leg work and often specific brands or models can’t be guaranteed.

What they have available usually just depends on what items have been donated. But it could give you an idea of the different features that are available and what functions you like or dislike. 

Ask to Test Out Friends’ Strollers

If you have friends or family with babies, why not ask to give their stroller a try? By asking to test out friends’ strollers, you don’t even have to bother going to the shops. 

Two friends walk through a forested path with one pushing a red jogging stroller

Your friends could probably tell you all about their favourite features and what kind of use their stroller gets. 

You may not have as much variety of strollers with this option as going to a store would provide, but the honest insight would surely be beneficial. 

Talk to Other Caregivers About Their Strollers

If you don’t know anyone with babies but want to get some first-hand stroller opinions, why not ask different moms or dads at local parks or recreation centres? 

Sure, you may have to go a little outside your comfort zone to spark conversation with a stranger, but getting some personal opinions could be worth it (especially if you see someone with the style you want!). 

I think most parents wouldn’t mind sharing their thoughts on the stroller they use and it would be helpful for you to hearstroller reviews first-hand. 

Try an Online Baby Gear Rental Site to Try a Specific Stroller

If that last option sounds more like a last resort, there may be a way to try before you buy from the comfort of your own home. This may come in handy for someone who isn’t able to go out to browse the shops.

Baby gear rental sites are another way that you could test out a specific stroller. 

These sites are usually for travellers to rent baby equipment when visiting a different city rather than travelling with their own. But it could be a useful way to try out different strollers for a relatively inexpensive price.

The price to rent a stroller ranges from $8-20/day.

Below you’ll find some baby gear rental sites:

Baby Quip
WeeTravel (Canada)

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FAQs About Trying Out Strollers 

Can you test out strollers at buybuy BABY?

According to many online opinions from experienced parents, buybuy BABY is one of the best stores to test out strollers. They are commended for their big selection of strollers and helpful staff members.

The stores have many different stroller styles available to try and even their website encourages it: “Want to go for a test drive? Pop in-store to get a feel for what works best for your family before you add to registry or cart.”

Can you try out strollers at Target?

Strollers are available to try out at many different Target locations, but the selection and accessibility to the strollers on display vary from location to location. 

While many parents have found success with testing strollers at Target, others complained that the in-store selection wasn’t what they had hoped at the Target near them.

Many online comments mention that their Target location had the stroller display up too high to be able to reach let alone test drive.

Which are the best stores to test out strollers?

Buybuy BABY and Babies R Us are two of the best stores to test out strollers, according to online parent communities, as they have a good selection of strollers and knowledgeable staff to help answer questions. 

Conclusion of Where You Can Test Strollers

Before hitting the shops, consider what to look for in a stroller so that you can narrow down the type you want to find. This will help you go in feeling confident to test the different styles and functions. 

Whether you’re looking for an umbrella stroller, a full travel system, or a specific jogging model, it’s a good idea to look at them in person before buying whenever possible. 

If you’re unsure if a store near you has strollers to test, give them a call and ask what options you have.

Where to try out strollers may vary from location to location but if you ask, many stores would be happy to help you find the right one.

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