woman touches blue baby stroller with the text: where to try out strollers

Where to Try Out Strollers

There are umpteen stroller options available to buy so where do you even start? The best way to make sure you’re choosing the best one is to go out and test different strollers in person before buying. If you’re wondering where to try out strollers, I’ve listed all the best places, from large department stores

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mom lays on her side next to and is looking at a small infant laying on their back with the article title "Activities for 2-month Olds"

Activities for 2-Month Olds

The second month is an exciting time when your baby has started to develop their personality. They’re offering smiles and coos, and are actually beginning to interact with people and objects around them. So now what do you do with your baby during their awake time? These activities for 2-month olds are fantastic ways to

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Baby lies in tummy time position

Tummy Time Tips

At our very first check-up, after my daughter was born, the doctor mentioned that we should go ahead and start doing tummy time with her. Of course, I had heard about this position during our prenatal courses and from my previous time around babies, but I never realized exactly what it entailed or that newborns

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Baby sits on the ground reading baby books about animals

12 Baby Books for the 1st Year

Why would you read to your baby if they can’t even understand the words? Is there a purpose for all those baby books? Believe it or not, there are many benefits of reading to your child at any age. And yes, this includes brand new babies!  Sure, your newborn won’t be picky about which books

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