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Baby Stroller Pros and Cons – Are Strollers Good for Babies?

Baby strollers are an essential baby item for many parents so that they can safely and conveniently transport their babies. While strollers offer many benefits, buying one comes with a number of disadvantages as well. In this article, we will discuss baby stroller pros and cons in order to help families decide whether to buy a stroller or not. 

Many new parents looking at the long list of baby gear they need to buy may be thinking twice before getting one of the most expensive items. Is a stroller even necessary for a newborn?

While a stroller is beneficial to many as it allows flexibility for parents to go out with their infant safely, it may not be a necessity for all.

This is where a list of advantages and disadvantages of strollers comes in handy.

Baby Stroller Pros List (The Advantages of Owning a Stroller)

There is a long list of benefits of a stroller for parents and for the baby as well. Not all stroller models will offer all of the features and functionalities, so you’ll have to do a bit of research to find the best stroller for your family.

Strollers are Convenient

Convenience is one of the biggest advantages of having a baby stroller for your family. Strollers provide a safe and comfortable place for babies to travel when getting out with their parents

Whether just for a short trip out or an extended outing, babies can rest comfortably and can even nap on the go. This flexibility means parents can run errands, take their newborn to a restaurant, or exercise with their little ones nestled securely in the stroller. 

A woman pushes her two kids through a forested park on an autumn day

With many models offering swivelling, shock-absorbing rubber wheels, the stroller can go just about anywhere you choose and your baby gets a smooth ride. The wheels and handle are often easy to manoeuvre and push, even when carrying a heavy load between kids and gear. 

These modern details make it a convenient way to navigate crowds or carry multiple items or kids. 

Speaking of details, additional features such as cup holders, canopies and adjustable seats make strollers a practical baby vehicle and an easy way for parents to travel with their little ones.

Whether you’re going to the store or the park, the convenience of a stroller is very beneficial while ensuring the comfort and safety of your baby. 

Strollers Help Take the Stress Off of Your Back

Strollers are designed to carry the weight of babies so that parents aren’t always having to carry them in arms. 

While babywearing is a very special way to bond with your baby, you may want the option of not carrying them on you at all times.

This is especially beneficial for parents who may have back problems or need to carry other items. 

By using a stroller, parents can avoid straining their backs and possibly go on further outings with their infant in the stroller. 

Not only does a stroller carry a baby around, but the included storage basket will hold any additional items as well, such as a diaper bag or groceries. 

Baby strollers provide a helpful solution for parents wanting to get out with their baby without the physical exertion of always carrying their baby (and items) on them. 

The Stroller Storage Basket Can Carry Many Items

The stroller’s storage basket can provide a very helpful solution for parents bringing other necessary items when heading out with their baby. Typically, a stroller will have a storage compartment below the seat and between the wheels that can carry a pretty good amount of things. 

Diapers, wipes, toys, and extra clothes are just some of the baby essentials that can be conveniently stored in the stroller’s basket. You can also carry groceries, your coat, or an umbrella within reach. Some stroller models can take quite a big load of items in the storage basket, even up to 30 lbs (or 13.6 kg)

You can also find detachable bags to hang from the stroller’s handlebar where you can store smaller accessories such as keys, your wallet, coffee cups or even bottles.

With all of these items easily accessible, parents don’t have to lug around an additional diaper bag on their backs when they go out with their baby. 

Parents can comfortably walk around with their hands free to push the stroller or attend to their baby and not worry about holding all of the items that have to go along with them. 

Strollers Are a Safe Way to Travel With Your Baby

When used properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, strollers are a safe way to get out with your baby. Equipped with many safety features, you can rest assured that your little one is secure while being pushed in their stroller. 

It’s a good idea to read the user’s manual to understand the proper use of things like safety harnesses, brakes, and other specifications for your specific model.

You need to be mindful when using strollers on uneven terrain or near traffic in order to maintain your little one safe. 

Additionally, strollers keep your little one protected from harsh weather. You may need to purchase a few additional accessories, but whether you’re faced with rain, sun, snow or wind, your baby will be protected in their stroller.

With large canopies to block harmful sun rays, rain covers to keep wind and rain out, and stroller blankets available to keep them warm, your baby will ride comfortably in just about any weather.

As long as you don’t leave your infant unattended and you follow the stroller’s guidelines, strollers are a safe way to travel around with your baby. 

Strollers Can Be Used for Pushing Multiple Kids at Once

Depending on the stroller’s design and features, it can be used for multiple kids in several different ways. This makes getting out of the house with multiple little ones safer and easier for any parent.

The most obvious option is a double-stroller that specifically accommodates two babies or children in the stroller seats, often side-by-side. These are useful for twins or siblings close in age, such as a baby and a toddler.

A man pushes two kids in a tandem double-stroller across a bridge

Some single-seat strollers have the option of purchasing an additional stroller seat that attaches to the main stroller frame. Often these are seen with a tandem seat configuration with one seat in front of the other. This option is great for families that plan to have more than one child so that the stroller can adapt to the family’s needs. 

Lastly, you can get a ride-along board so that an older child can either sit or stand and be pushed by the stroller. This works well if you need to travel with three kids or if one child has outgrown the stroller seats.

Strollers are Durable and Long-Lasting

Most strollers are made to be durable and withstand regular family wear and tear if they’ve been constructed with quality materials. 

Sturdy metal frames and durable fabrics will last well over time as long as they are properly cared for by the user. 

While strollers can vary in durability depending on the brand, quality, and frequency of us, if they are maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions, they can be used for several years. In some cases, you may need to repair or replace parts but for the most part, strollers are considered to be a long-lasting mode of transportation for your little one(s). 

It’s always a good idea to test out the stroller before buying so that you know it’s the one you want for your family.

You Can Use Your Stroller for Fitness

Getting out with the stroller is actually a great (and convenient) way to stay active with your baby. Exercising with a stroller can range from simply walking around to jogging to attending local strollercise classes. 

Many areas now provide stroller fitness classes for caretakers as it’s such a beneficial way to do exercise while spending time with your baby, even if they’re napping while you work out!

Many stroller models are specifically designed with features such as good suspension and air-filled rubber tires which make them suitable for exercising.

Strollers are Comfortable

Strollers provide a pretty good mix of functionality and comfort. This is another one that may depend on the features of the stroller you choose but most models these days have taken baby comfort into consideration when completing their design. 

With padded seats, adjustable recline, and footrests for the baby to sit or lay back according to their age or whether they’re ready to nap. Proper ventilation and extendable canopies offer ideal shelter in all types of weather. 

Not only is the seat designed to be comfy but suspension and good tires make for a smoother stroll for the baby, even across rough terrain. 

With all of these excellent features, strollers allow babies to have the perfect place to nap on the go. This gives parents the freedom to go out during the day while maintaining the baby’s sleep schedule on track.

Baby Stroller Cons List (The Disadvantages of Buying a Stroller)

While there are clearly many benefits to owning a stroller, we can’t overlook a number of important drawbacks or disadvantages when it comes to investing in this baby item.

Strollers Can Be an Expensive Purchase

The cost of strollers really does vary greatly but finding a good quality stroller with the essential features can cost a pretty penny.

Sure, you can find a basic umbrella stroller for around $50 but that design won’t work for babies who can’t sit up on their own (those who are under approximately 6 months). 

Some mid-range models cost around $300-$500 with more features and often better quality. But some still aren’t suited for newborn babies as they don’t fully recline or have the option to use your car seat so you need to carefully look at the specifications. 

High-end full-size strollers that can be used from birth are usually found for over $1000. The features and design may make them an impressive stroller to own, but that’s a lot of money to put down for a baby product!

While a loftier price may seem like you’d be getting the best quality, that’s not always the case so it’s important that, if you can pay for a luxury stroller, you do your due diligence to make sure it’s worth the investment. 

Full-size Strollers Require a Large Space to Store At Home

Full-size strollers live up to the name as they definitely take up a good chunk of space. These types of travel systems can be quite large making it a challenge to find the right parking space at home, especially if you don’t want to collapse the stroller into a more compact position every time.

For families that have a spacious foyer or a large garage, finding a spot to store your stroller may not be an issue. 

However, for those who don’t have enough space, storing your stroller can be a bit of a pain, especially if it gets in the way of your family’s daily activities. 

If space is an issue, then you may need to collapse the stroller every time it’s not in use so that it takes up less space. But let’s be honest, this would be quite the hassle every time you want to use the stroller.

Strollers Can Be Heavy to Lift and Difficult to Manoeuvre in Tight Spaces

If you’re someone who uses public transportation frequently or needs to constantly lift a stroller on stairs, the weight could be a stroller con on your list. Not only that but strollers can sometimes be difficult to manoeuvre in tightly-spaced shops or busy city centres.

These are other situations where baby-wearing could be a bit more convenient as the baby would be attached to your body and not in the large frame of a stroller.  

A woman struggles to lift a stroller up a set of stairs while holding her baby with the other arm

The weight of a stroller can vary, not only due to the model but also the contents and size of the baby. While many brands try to make lightweight options with good manoeuvrability, it could be quite a pain in the back to be lugging around each day. 

Strollers come in all shapes and sizes, not all of which are lightweight and easy to steer. If you have to lift them many times or navigate around crowded or narrow places, some stroller models may be too cumbersome to use comfortably.

It Is Not Recommended For Kids to Use Strollers After 3-4 Years of Age

While the specific age when a child will stop using a stroller varies depending on several factors, most children stop riding in a stroller before they’re 5. That means that this expensive purchase will only be useful for a few years (unless you plan on having more than one child). 

As your baby gets older and reaches toddlerhood, it’s important that they use their legs and get exercise rather than staying strapped into a stroller. 

Experts recommend reducing the amount of time in a stroller at around 3 years old so that the child can walk places stroller-free by the time they are around 4.  You’ll want to think about this before committing to such a big purchase.

Some Parents Prefer Baby-wearing Over Using a Stroller

Some parents have a preference for baby carriers as they are a great way to keep babies close. Babywearing means the parents remain hands-free and they can easily attend to the infant when needed. 

Baby carriers can help encourage bonding and connection as babies often feel safe and comforted being held close to their parent. Strollers may not provide the same attachment opportunity if used constantly and the baby does not get held.

Keeping their hands free rather than pushing a stroller may be another reason parents would reach for a carrier instead of the stroller when running errands. This may be especially beneficial for parents with other children to look after while out in public spaces. 

Ultimately, the preference between baby-wearing and a stroller usually is dependent on the family’s lifestyle and needs.

But this is not to say that you have to choose just one or the other!

Many families choose to purchase both baby items. It’s always a good idea to consider all options when deciding what might work best for your family. 

Not All Strollers are Suitable for Newborns to Use From Birth

As I mentioned in the section regarding the cost of strollers, newborns can’t use just any stroller. This is another factor you’ll need to consider when shopping around for the right one.

Newborns don’t have much head or neck control until they’re a few months old so you need to find a stroller that is designed specifically for newborns. This may be one with a fully reclining seat, a bassinet option, or a newborn insert so that the newborn can safely lie down in the stroller.

If the specific stroller model you want does not have the newborn-appropriate design, having to wait for the baby to be several months old to use the stroller may deter some families from getting one at all. 

Are Strollers Good for Babies?

While we’ve discussed the stroller pros and cons, we have yet to consider whether strollers are actually good for babies. 

Strollers can be good for babies when used properly as they provide a safe and comfortable place for the infant to stay when they go out with their caregivers. 

Babies love getting outside to new places to explore new sensations which promotes cognitive development. The stimulation of new sights, sounds, and smells helps boost your baby’s mental growth.

Getting out in natural light also benefits babies’ nighttime sleep, something I’m sure all new parents would appreciate!

While they needs to be dressed appropriately for the weather, fresh air can even boost the baby’s immune system. You may want to avoid crowded indoor areas until they are a little older but a walk in the stroller outside can encourage better health, for both baby and parent!

Final Thoughts on Baby Stroller Pros and Cons

With such a diverse selection of strollers available today, each offers its own specific features and functions, which can make deciding on a stroller an overwhelming process. 

If you’re on the fence about whether to buy one or not, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of buying a stroller will help confirm your decision. 

In the end, the most important factors when deciding to get a stroller is your lifestyle and family situation and which baby transportation option is best for you.